Who we are

“Solidarietà Provagliese” is a social non-profit organization born in 1985 thanks to the Curate Danilo Vezzoli, working in Provaglio d’Iseo at that time and a group of volunteers wishing to help local disadvantaged young people to find a job.

Originally work resettlement was only for drug-addicted people. Then, as time goes by, the social and economic unease has changed, so that the Cooperative developed a new kind of service, in order to adapt itself to new demands. Nowadays it gives employment to several physically and mentally disabled, long-time unemployed people and workers near to retirement too.

Since the beginning the aim of all initiatives and activities of "Solidarietà Provagliese" has been that of helping people in need: the first partners were mostly volunteers running services like management of canteen for elderly persons, transport of disabled people and cleaning of some school buildings; afterwards they opened a small laboratory for the assemblage of electrical pieces and then they even took over a whole engineering workshop, where job creation for the disadvantaged finally has become possible.

With pride we list some results achieved by the Cooperative about professional integration:

Over the years the founders’ project has changed into a 'entrepreneurial' one, so that the Cooperative found a new financial strenght and has now specialized with excellent results in the following areas:

We feel spurred on by these data not to stop, in order to achieve always better results.



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